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Aptos experience
Get in full control of your finances, grow your wealth like a turtle and its shell. CarboSwap is a non-custodial exchange that provides decentralized trading services.
An innovative decentralized exchange built on Aptos
CarboSwap exchange implements exclusive features to push the boundaries of DeFi

Swap, Farm and Win efficiently with the scalability and speed offered by Aptos

You're just one click away:

Embrace CarboSwap token
CARBO powers our ecosystem. This native asset provides incentives and fosters growth.

By doing so, CarboSwap is able to offer greater rates and becomes significantly more competitive.

Staking CARBO tokens doesn't only earn you high interest, as you become part of a positive feedback loop that gives you governance authority over CarboSwap protocol.
A solution to Impermanent Loss
CarboSwap empowers liquidity providers: Turtle Farms compensate Impermanent Loss through an insurance pool.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why CarboSwap and not [another DEX on Aptos] ?
CarboSwap aims to be the №1 DEX on Aptos with a straightforward App and a transparent communication. The innovative features we offer and frequent updates can hopefully allow us to make our wishes come true and succeed as a decentralized exchange.
How can I become part of the CarboSwap community ?
Wen launch ?
Airdrop ???